Four generations of RICHARDSONs 1917

Four generations of RICHARDSONs 1917
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another clue on the Whereabouts of Susannah Dole Harvey NYE

I was thinking about that 1860 census listing mentioned in my last post for Tombstone Tuesday and started thinking about:  Who are those people who she is living with in Aurora, Kane County IL?

I tried searching for Justin DODGE.  Was that a grandson of hers?  Was Juliet a granddaughter?  Afterall they came from Vermont and when she was married to Elijah NYE until he died in 1852, they were living in Montpelier VT.

I didn't have much luck on the birth, marriage, death records for Justin DODGE.  So I decided to try the family trees.  Maybe some hints can be found there.  I found a Justus DODGE, not a Justin DODGE who was married to Juliette NYE!  NYE -- that's Susannah NYE's second husband's last name.    Could this be a daughter of Elijah NYE?  According to the tree of Travis Bennett, her parents were Ellis NYE and Susannah FRENCH.  There children were:  Henry Dodge, Mattie Dodge, and Willie Dodge.  The census has Henry J and Martha.  Willie hadn't been born yet (1864).

Time to check my NYE family history book:  Benjamin NYE of Sandwich, Massachusetts, and His Ancestors and Descendants by George Hyatt Nye and Frank E Best, 1907.
I found Juliette NYE, daughter of Ellis NYE from Montpelier VT.  Montpelier VT is where Susannah and Elijah NYE lived on his farm until he died in 1852.
According to Nye and Best, she married Justus  DODGE and had three children:  Henry, Mattie and Julia.

Sounds like the same DODGE family.  Now, was Juliette related to Elijah?  Two NYE families in Montpelier around the same time?
According to Nye and Best:
Juliet - Ellis - Iram - Benjamin - Benjamin - John - Benjamin
Elijah - Melatiah - Ebenezer - Caleb - Benjamin
So Juliet and Elijah were third cousins twice removed.

Susannah was living with her second husband's third cousin twice removed!

Now, if only there was someone named who she lived with between 1810 and 1850 censuses we might have something to go on.  But, she is in the 1850 census and her husband (and unnamed family) are in the 1820 census ... just not between.


  1. You need to distinguish between the two Susannah Nyes: Susannah Doyle Harvey Nye and Susannah French Nye. Susannah Doyle Harvey Nye was the second wife of Elijah Nye. Susannah French Nye was the wife of Ellis Nye. Elijah Nye and Ellis Nye were related. Elijah Nye's 3rd great grandfather was Benjamin Nye (1620-?). Ellis Nye's 4th great grandfather was Benjamin. Coincidentally, both Elijah and Ellis lived in the Montpelier, VT, area in the early 1800's. In another coincidence. Florinda Nye and Bemsley Huntoon's son, Chester lived in Peru Illinois, in 1860. Michael B. Fiske

  2. Where in Montpelier did Elijah NYE live? I'm looking for a Mr. NYE who lived "one mile from Montpelier on a farm." He took in a young Irish orphan named James ROUHAN for about to years in the early 1850s. I know that there was at least one other NYE in Montpelier and several in neighboring Berlin township, where Elijah is buried.

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